Waverley on a Slippery Slope to Rate Rise


Waverley on a Slippery Slope to Rate Rise

The Waverley Liberals during their 5-year Mayoralty left Council in a very strong position in 2017.

Under the current Labor/Greens controlled Council, Waverley is in a precarious financial position with a $43m deficit in 2020 which may lead to a rate rise.

Interestingly, from the table above, the COVID support package has not contributed greatly to the deficit. Other Councils have reduced spending over this period but Waverley has continued to allow expenses to increase.

In fact, the results show Council is trending towards becoming financially unsustainable in the future. The Liberals are so concerned that they voted against the Annual Financial Report for the first time ever.

Labor/Greens have suggested an Environmental Levy to fund their spending. What else will they do? Will a rate rise be next?