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Putting Waverley First

Our team will:

✅  Upgrade Waverley Park, including a new plan of management, playground, fitness station, park lighting and landscaping

✅ Fight overdevelopment, protect heritage and improve pedestrian walkability along Bondi Road

✅ Ensure that the Bronte Surf Club’s new design is fit-for-purpose, protects the natural environment, and meets the needs of Club and beach users, and that community consultation is transparent and comprehensive

✅ Improve pedestrian and vehicle safety while minimising impacts to traffic flow and parking, especially at intersections such as Watkins and Flood streets

✅ Prepare local area traffic studies to assess impacts holistically from proposed changes to traffic movements and from major developments, such as the Waverley Bowling Club site

✅ Continue to fight for pedestrian and vehicle safety at the Charing Cross traffic lights and a reduction to peak time congestion in Victoria St and Henrietta St

✅ Pursue trials of timed dog off-leash areas where there is strong community support, such as Mackenzies Bay, and promote responsible dog ownership

✅ Enhance the ‘look and feel’ of our streets and parks by regular maintenance, cleaning up rubbish and leaves, improving residential grass verges, and encouraging verge gardens