A New Leaf


A New Leaf

The Waverley community loves trees as they provide immense benefits. However, some trees can pose significant risks to our community. Trees can cause damage to property, plumbing and sewers, and can threaten human life with unstable trunks and branches. These situations must be urgently addressed.

The Waverley Liberals have always taken a reasonable approach to trees that cause acute distress to our residents. However, Labor/Greens have done little to support community expectations in tree management.

Residents continue to report stress from problem trees that are endangering their family and property with Council failing to approve pruning or removal. They are also fearful that more limiting controls will be introduced if Labor/Greens are re-elected.

The Liberals certainly support broadening Waverley’s tree canopy. However, a fair and balanced approach to tree management is critical where resident’s safety is at stake.