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Putting Waverley First

Our team will:

Upgrade Oxford Street Mall to create an attractive, flourishing destination for day and evening activities supported by public amenities

Improve entrances and accessibility in Bronte Park

✅ Continue to fight excessive height and overdevelopment in Bondi Junction, Charing Cross and Bronte

✅ Ensure that the Bronte Surf Club’s new design is fit-for-purpose, protects the natural environment, and meets the needs of Club and beach users, and that community consultation is transparent and comprehensive

✅ Continue to support the Charing Cross, Queens Park and Mill Hill heritage areas- maintain heights, and discourage roof terraces & commercial uses in residential streets

Clean up graffiti & rubbish, sweep streets of leaves, and keep shopping trolleys off our streets and malls

✅ Continue to protect the Waverley Bus Depot as an integral transport hub for the Eastern Suburbs into the future

✅ Ensure the financial sustainability of Waverley Cemetery and its long-term operational future

✅ Upgrade the Customer Service Centre and provide better service to our residents