Council used to have excellent customer service and a caring, ‘easy to do business with’ philosophy, consulting with residents, listening to what they wanted, and then taking responsive actions.

Under Labor/Greens, the community is often left in the dark, getting frustrated and angry, not knowing when or if action will be taken.

The last 4 years have been littered with poor community engagement and residents feeling disillusioned:

❌ Residents have sometimes waited years to get a response or resolution to a complaint or request e.g Boonara Avenue’s right turn ban into Bondi Rd - 3 yrs. and counting

❌ Decisions have ignored community feedback e.g Rodney Reserve boundary fence, and Mackenzies Bay timed dog off-leash trial

❌ Traffic measures have been supported against the wishes of the majority who sent submissions e.g. Speed hump to be installed in Bennett St, Bondi

❌ Kerb extensions have narrowed intersections with no community consultation and causing undue impact to vehicle safety and traffic flow e.g. Wallangra Rd, Dover Heights

Residents are demanding that this approach must change, and change quickly. It’s time for new leadership that will get back to serving the community and puts residents first.