Most Waverley residents need a parking space at or near their homes, even if they use public transport.

The Labor/Greens controlled Council are squeezing parking out of the system by returning to draconian development controls for parking at homes and new unit blocks, including zero car parking for new developments.

The result is that on-street parking occupancy is skyrocketing making the search for parking close to your home near impossible, consuming petrol and time, resulting in anxiety about finding a parking spot, and needing to walk long distances with shopping and/or young children.

Residential parking schemes help to manage the under supply of parking spaces but the process to introduce one can be long and frustrating, especially when it’s difficult to get sufficient support in the street.

The Waverley Liberals will introduce residential parking schemes where they’re needed, create more available on-street parking and permit more off-street parking. We can’t risk Labor/Greens retaining control of our parking system for another 3 years with parking becoming even more limited

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