Restoring the Truth - Bondi Pavilion

Media Release

Restoring the Truth - Bondi Pavilion

The Waverley Liberals vision for the Bondi Pavilion is that it would always be a centre of community life with a vibrant mix of cultural, community & commercial uses.

Labor’s ‘fake news’ about privatising, selling or even demolishing the Pavilion was always completely false. In reality, the Pavilion is heritage listed and the use of Crown Lands must be in the public interest and have Ministerial approval.

The final plan for the Bondi Pavilion adopted the majority of features from the Liberal plan, including removing the modern additions to restore its heritage and the 6 Green Star rating. Significantly, our plan would have included more toilets and be finished by now, at a lower cost.

As previously, all of the spaces in the Pavilion will be available to rent for commercial or community uses. This proves that Labor have failed to fulfil their promise to the community to ‘Save the Pavilion’ from commercialisation.