Bondi Pavilion’s $18M Cost Blow Out


Bondi Pavilion’s $18M Cost Blow Out

In April 2019, former Labor Mayor Wakefield bragged that the upgrade to the Bondi Pavilion would only cost $25m and Council approved the funding.

Mercifully, most of the Liberals’ plan remains to restore the original heritage appearance by removing intrusive additions including the glass bubble, Amphitheatre and external fire stairs and to deliver a 5-star rated building.

Other Liberal ideas retained are the improved access from Campbell Parade, new Spanish terracotta tiled roof, internal courtyard with colonnades and landscaping to provide shade, upstairs kitchen and variably-sized community spaces, new flexible art gallery downstairs and a completely upgraded exterior.

With the work only just commencing, the total cost has now blown out by more than 70% to over $43M, and the cost of temporary facilities is yet to be factored in.

Labor claimed prior to the 2017 election that they would not privatise the Bondi Pavilion; instead their plan will largely commercialise the whole front of the ground floor which flies in the face of their pledge to the community. As usual Labor has overpromised and over-spent.